About Us 

We are a small personal party service company that provides rentals and full service party planning. But we are famous for our fresh hot organic cotton candy. We do light catering along with party rentals but what all of us here at spin city enjoy the most is the cotton candy parties. Its the thing that bring the smiles to our faces seeing not only the young enjoying it but hearing the older clients telling stories of the last time they have had fresh cotton candy and seeing it in their eyes as they remember that feeling. So we can truly say that we do 100% enjoy what we do.

About Our Product. 

  • Our product starts out with I feel is one of the best organic sugars we found which is wholesome organic cane sugar and no we do not get sponsorship by saying or using their brand we just feel it is the best fit for our product at this time. 
  • The next important item we worry most about is the Flavor. We tried many different organic flavorings till we found the one that fit with the sugar we had picked. We decided to go with a small off the path company that hopes to remain nameless but for the ones that would like to know can Contact us on our contact page for information.
  • Next was the coloring since we do really eat with our eyes we played around for months to get the coloring where we wanted it. We also went with a small company for the dyes they are a organic gel based dye that gives us that beautiful Cotton Candy Rainbow. 

With our Photo Booth you will be able to share your party fun with guest for months and years after the event is past. Your guest will have a blast using this rental photo booth to create fun and memory's for a lifetime    


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